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Chor Muang Thai Takeaway Didcot

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The Secret to Delicious Thai Food


Chef Viktor

The founder of Chor Muang Thai

In my opinion, the key to crafting delicious Thai cuisine lies in a combination of delicacy, experience, and culture. Drawing from classic and modern Thai recipes, I have developed a range of dishes that celebrate the unique flavours of all four regions. Every plate is carefully seasoned with the perfect blend of spicy, sweet, salty, and sour ingredients to delight our customers' taste buds. We prepare all of our ingredients fresh and cook each dish precisely to ensure that it represents the essence of Thai culture - the "Eat like a Thai" experience.

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In Thai culture, sharing food is an integral part of dining etiquette. It's a social custom that most Thais cherish, and it often involves friends and family. It's rare to see a Thai person dining alone because sharing food is considered a communal activity. Typically, multiple dishes are ordered, and they are placed in the center of the table, as if ready for a small gathering. Individuals take a plate of rice and help themselves to the shared dishes while sitting together.

Thai Dining Etiquette

The Significance of Food Sharing

Topview of Thai local food such as Somtum papaya spicy salad, grilled pork, tomyum, vegeta
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